At marketing firm’s office above blast scene, a party came to an abrupt, violent end

They left tacos on the desks and the margarita machine still churning as nearly 100 marathon partygoers at Marlo Fogelman’s marketing office fled out the back fire escapes at 667 Boylston St. Monday afternoon.

Fogelman stayed behind for about 15 minutes to make sure everyone was out and then lock the doors. She surveyed the scene: pictures fell off walls; papers scattered on the floor; windows unhinged from their frames; and some kind of debris pierced a pane of glass to create a perfectly round hole.

Fogelman took a quick peek out of the second floor office of Marlo Marketing/Communications, above Sugar Heaven on Boylston Street, and saw blood splattered across the sidewalks and emergency responders tending to victims on the ground. Fogelman took some photos and then walked away as smoke billowed through the open windows.


She reported this all to the FBI officer who showed up Tuesday morning at her Charlestown home. She said the agency wants all photos and video images taken by her guests – a mix of employees, clients, politicians and friends — before and after the explosions.

“This is an unspeakable tragedy but it could have been so much worse,’’ Fogelman said. “If this was a bomb that had serious explosive power, that whole block could have been destroyed.’’

She doesn’t expect to get inside the office anytime soon and hopes clients are patient as Marlo Marketing/Communications tries to recover.

“We just want to try to get back to normal as quickly as we can while recognizing that I don’t think anyone is going to feel normal in that neighborhood for quite some time,’’ Fogelman said.

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