Dorchester children hold bake sale to raise money for Boston’s One Fund for Marathon victims

Children from the Ashmont Adams section of Dorchester, where 8-year-old Marathon bombing victim Martin Richard lived, held a bake sale to raise money for Boston’s One Fund today at Lambert’s Rainbow Fruit.

“I felt like we needed to do something, because I can’t sit around listening to the news, because it just gets me all agitated,’’ said Maddy Ablett, 9. “I just really couldn’t wait to help.’’

Her sister Clare, 7, was charged with handing out free baked goods to police officers and firefighters in uniform.

Maddy’s mother, Ann M. Walsh, said she reached out to other parents through social media Friday to let the know about the plan to hold the bake sale at Lambert’s on Morrissey Blvd.


Families from Charlestown to Savin Hill to Roslindale, saddened by the bombings and frustrated they couldn’t leave the house during the lockdown, started baking too.

“There’s something about making cookies that’s just very therapeutic,’’ Walsh said. “To think that there were 20 families yesterday making cookies is just amazing.’’

Lambert’s owner Bill Lambert said he would match what the children raise. The children were not sure exactly how much money was in Maddy’s red toy register early this afternoon, but said costumers kept telling the children to keep the change.

“They keep giving us like $20 for stuff that’s only like, $5,’’ said 9-year-old Joshy Nagy, another neighbor.

Walsh said the children raised about $1,300 in about two hours.

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