Suffolk DA Conley advocates for more surveillance camera coverage in Boston

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley on Sunday said he has taken an initiative in expanding closed circuit television camera coverage in Boston. He said such a network would make law enforcement less dependent on the patchwork of surveillance now provided by private businesses.

“Cameras are an important law enforcement tool today but can also act as a deterrent,’’ said Conley, who said he has already discussed closed circuit television with Mayor Menino, Police Commissioner Ed Davis and others.

Conley said London and New York provide good examples of cities that have increased closed circuit television. He said he would expect discussion with community members and others who might be concerned about privacy.


“It will be important … to engage concerned stakeholders outside law enforcement, including entities dedicated to civil liberty issues,’’ Conley wrote in a April 3-date letter circulated to public officials.

Conley is suggesting establishment of a task force of public officials and perhaps others to study the issue.

Conley said, technically, the district attorney’s office has jurisdiction to bring murder and other charges against the bomber suspect. “But we’re almost certainly going to yield to federal authorities, because they have the resources and the post-911 terrorism laws to prosecute,’’ he said.

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