Icky weather today, but improvement ahead

An icky, dreary day is in store.

Expect chilly temperatures in the 40s and high, even gale-force, winds coming off the water, the National Weather Service said.

Upwards of 2½ inches of rain could fall on the Cape and islands as a storm skirts the southern New England coastline. Heavy rain bands will stay south as drizzle and light rain prevail in Boston and the metro area today, though occasional rain showers are possible in Boston after 1 p.m., meteorologist Charlie Foley said.

Roughly half an inch of rain will accumulate in the metro area today, Foley said. The rain and drizzle will stick around in Boston until 9 p.m., as a high pressure system moves in, bringing relief with dry, milder weather, Foley said.


On Wednesday, highs will reach the upper 60s with mostly sunny skies, though a hiccup in the system could bring some insignificant showers to the metro area—nothing heavy or substantial, Foley said.

Beginning Thursday, the rest of the week, plus the weekend, should be smooth sailing. Expect mostly sunny skies and highs at or above the normal 58 degrees, and no precipitation in sight through Monday night.

“It’s nothing but improvement from here,’’ Foley said.

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