Open mike catches Jim Braude’s colorful language

By his own admission, it wasn’t Jim Braude’s finest moment. The host of “Broadside With Jim Braude’’ had just finished his show on NECN when NBC cut in to share with its national audience NECN’s coverage of the apparent capture in Watertown of suspected marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. But Braude (inset) had not removed his microphone, so just as the network picked up the NECN feed, Braude, who was then sitting at his desk, could be heard saying, “Oh, you’re not listening? Well, I don’t know [expletive]
.’’ NBC anchor Brian Williams quickly apologized. “Well, that was a fortuitous time to dip into the feed of New England Cable News,’’ said Williams. “We apologize for the language we inadvertently aired during what was a mix up of communications on their part.’’ The gaffe was immediately posted on to the amusement of many. “At last a reporter who reports the facts!’’ wrote one commenter. Braude says his boss at NECN was “very understanding,’’ but his friends and co-workers have been merciless. A few days later, after A.J. Clemente, an anchorman in North Dakota, opened his first-ever broadcast with an obscenity and was fired, Braude got an e-mail from a friend describing Clemente as “a young Braude wannabe.’’ Braude says he hasn’t cursed on his new WGBH radio show, but there’s still time.


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