Binland Lee, a marine sciences major from Brooklyn, N.Y., is identified as BU student killed in Allston fire

A marine sciences major from Brooklyn, N.Y., was identified today as the Boston University student who was killed this weekend when fire ripped through the top floor of a three-story building in Boston’s Allston neighborhood.

Binland Lee, 22, was a senior at the school, according to the university and one of Lee’s roommates. Lee was scheduled to graduate next month, according to the school.

The cause of the fire at 87 Linden St. remains under investigation today by the Boston Fire Department. Nine people inside the home at the time of the 6:30 a.m. Sunday fire were injured; six firefighters were also injured.

Inspectional Services Department Commissioner Bryan Glascock said at a news conference this afternoon that his department’s investigators were looking into whether the homeowner violated several city ordinances, including one limiting the number of unrelated undergraduate students to four in any one dwelling.


Officials are also investigating whether the home had been modified since 1992, when it was approved for a firewall that blocked off the internal stairwell between the first and second floors.

Erica Ross returned today to the fire scene, where, she said, both she and Lee had been living since last September. Ross was at her boyfriend’s home and not at the Linden Street building when the fire broke out. She said that among the people in the home at the time were three visitors; the remainder were residents.

Ross said Lee’s room was one of four bedrooms on the third floor of the building.

Fighting back tears, Ross described Lee as a “really nice person’’ who was well-liked. Lee was minoring in journalism, and former vice president of the BU Marine Science Association, according to the school and Ross.

According to the school, nine BU students lived in the building. Firefighters said this weekend that a total of 19 people lived there.

According to the city assessor’s office, the house has 13 rooms, including nine bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two kitchens. The assessed property value for this year was $615,500.

The university is providing housing for students who, like Ross, lost most or all of their belongings in the fire.


According to records released by the Inspectional Services Department, property owner Anna Belokurova has been cited dozens of times for not properly handling garbage disposal at the property, but was not cited for allowing too many residents.

The records also showed that the house was converted to a two-family from a single-family in 1992 under a prior owner.

The city issued the permit. It called for walling off the first floor from the second, and for construction of an exterior wooden stairwell to provide access to the second-floor unit.

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