Keurig single-serve coffee systems to get expanded presence in foodservice locations

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc., a Vermont company whose brands include Keurig systems that brew coffee one cup at a time, said that its Keurig K150 Series Commercial Brewing System has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for foodservice use.

Photo taken from a Keurig website.

“Becoming NSF certified is an important step in our focus on the foodservice industry, a key growth channel for our away-from-home business,’’ company president and chief executive Brian P. Kelley said in a statement. “Foodservice represents approximately 65 percent of coffee purchases outside the home, so it is only natural for us to evolve our offerings to meet the needs of customers and consumers in new marketplaces.’’


Once brewed, coffee can quickly lose its freshness. With the Keurig system, restaurant employees can brew fresh customized cups of coffee for their customers.

There’s another advantage, a company press release noted: “Use of a Keurig brewing solution simplifies food service operation by alleviating the need for restaurants to have separate pots or urns of coffee for regular, decaffeinated and flavored varieties, reducing waste and clean-up of unconsumed coffee while also providing more choice with guaranteed freshness for consumers.’’

Much of the company’s Keurig operations are based in Massachusetts.

National Sanitation Foundation is an accredited, third-party certification body that tests and certifies products to verify that they meet public health and safety standards intended for commercial foodservice.

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