Gloucester woman, 46, and Rhode Island man, 49, identified as Gloucester drowning victims

GLOUCESTER – Police today identified the two people who drowned Sunday when they were swept into the Atlantic Ocean while walking along the rocky shores of Brace Cove in this North Shore city.

Chief Leonard Campanello said 46-year-old Gloucester resident Evelyn Howe and David Machado, 49, of from Rhode Island drowned despite rescue efforts by the Coast Guard and his officers, who launched a newly updated rescue boat.

In a statement, Campanello called the drownings a “very hard lesson from the sea that, while enormously beautiful and majestic, [the ocean] should always be approached and enjoyed with respect and extreme caution, as the ocean follows no rules or schedule and its unpredictability can cause this type of tragedy.’’


According to officials, Howe, Machado and Machado’s wife, whose name was not released, were walking on the rocky shore around 5 p.m. Sunday when Howe and David Machado were swept into the sea. Machado’s wife called 911 and a Gloucester police boat was dispatched.

Campanello said the officers spotted Howe and Machado floating face down in shallow waters. The officers pulled the two people onto the boat, began CPR, and rushed them to shore where further lifesaving measures were undertaken by paramedics.

They were taken to Addison-Gilbert Hospital here where they were both pronounced dead.

The incident happened in front of the Eastern Point Retreat House, which is owned by the Jesuit order.