Boston’s LogMeIn launches cloud platform for “The Internet of Things’’

Boston’s LogMeIn, Inc. has launched Xively, a cloud platform for developing and managing commercial products on what the company calls “The Internet of Things.’’

According to a LogMeIn press release, the Internet of Things (IoT) enables a world where devices, data and places are interconnected with applications and users over the Internet, transforming how people discover, interact and experience their world.

Xively, formerly known as Cosm in its beta form, is designed to help companies simplify the development of connected products that can be quickly deployed, easily interact with other connected offerings, and scale to billions of devices.

“We see Xively as an offering that could fundamentally change how businesses view and potentially capitalize on the Internet of Things opportunity,’’ said LogMeIn CEO Michael Simon. “Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to build the next Nest-like device, an established manufacturer looking to differentiate through connected experiences, or a service provider looking to bring new connected services to market, Xively can significantly reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market for companies of all sizes.’’


The Xively launch coincides with LogMeIn and microprocessor-maker ARM releasing the Xively Jumpstart Kit, a rapid prototyping-to-production bundle designed to significantly reduce the cost, complexity, and learning curve required to bring Internet of Things-based connected products and solutions to market.

“The promise of IoT, sometimes called the Industrial Internet or Internet of Everything, has captured the imagination of consumers and businesses, alike. However, the infrastructure needed to turn these ideas into reality is highly complex and requires significant, specialized expertise above and beyond devices and applications, and beyond the skills and resources of most businesses,’’ said Chad Jones, vice president product management of Xively, a subsidiary of LogMeIn. “The goal of Xively Cloud Services is to eliminate this problem by providing cloud infrastructure that empowers businesses, both large and small, to create a new generation of compelling connected products.’’

The Xively Jumpstart Kit and Xively Cloud Services are available today at

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