Climate change activists say they blocked freighter from delivering coal to Mass. power plant


Climate change activists say protesters in a little white lobster boat blocked a coal delivery at the Brayton Point Power Station (Evan Allen/Globe Correspondent)

SOMERSET — Climate change activists say protesters in a little white lobster boat flying an American flag blocked a coal delivery today at the Brayton Point Power Station, getting in the way of a freighter nearly 690 feet long.

“The climate crisis is real, and it’s staring us in the face and we’re not doing anything,’’ said Marla Marcum, 38, a spokeswoman for the protesters aboard the boat, who said she plans to bail them out of jail later this afternoon.


Both the lobster boat Henry David T. and the freighter Energy Enterprise could be seen tied to a pier off the power plant this afternoon.

Activists said that the Energy Enterprise had been unable to position itself as it would normally to make a delivery.

The boat, manned by environmental activists Ken Ward, 57, of Jamaica Plain and Jay O’Hara, 31, of Bourne, arrived at Brayton Point around 9 a.m. and dropped anchor. The Coast Guard arrived around 11 a.m. The Energy Enterprise arrived around 11:15 a.m., activists said.

The activists said they believed the two men had been taken into custody by the Coast Guard.

But a Coast Guard spokeswoman said that as of 3 p.m., no one had been taken into custody.

“At this point, we’re working with them,’’ said spokeswoman Myeonghi Clegg. “They’ve requested our assistance in moving the boat. They’re at anchor right now and are having trouble pulling up their anchors.’’

The Enterprise is currently moored, she said, but the lobster boat is blocking the channel the ship would travel down to get to the berth. The coal has not yet been unloaded, she said.

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