Somerville, Dorchester men arrested for possession of heroin after Transit Police witness alleged drug deal

Police arrested two men from Somerville and Dorchester after allegedly seeing them exchange heroin and cash at the JFK/UMass Red Line T station in Dorchester Friday night, Transit Police said in a statement.

Plainclothes Transit Police officers reported they overheard Daniel Merrill, 28, of Somerville, saying the words “buying’’ and “dealer’’ in a conversation around 9 p.m., police said in a statement. He walked to a train platform with another person, who police did not identify, and waited.

Derick Anderson, 40, of Dorchester, got off a northbound train and briefly spoke with Merrill on the platform.

Anderson then handed Merrill a white envelope, in which police later found suspected heroin, in exchange for $85 in cash, according to police.


Police confiscated the envelope and arrested Merrill for possession of heroin, Transit Police Lieutenant Richard Sullivan said.

Anderson, who allegedly had another bag of heroin in his pocket, was charged with possession and distribution of a heroin, Sullivan said.

In 2011, Merrill was charged with robbing four Somerville banks, Transit Police said.

In three of the robberies, Merrill was accused of passing bank tellers a note claiming he had a bomb, police said at the time.

A Middlesex County district attorney’s office spokeswoman said Saturday she could not access any files the office may have about recent developments in Merrill’s robbery case while out of the office. Somerville District Court files are not available to the public when the courthouse is closed on weekends.

Anderson had an active warrant for possession of a suspected heroin that was issued Feb. 22, 2012 from Dorchester Municipal Court, Sullivan said.

Merrill and Anderson are scheduled to be arraigned on the new charges Monday in Dorchester Municipal Court.

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