Gomez releases new ad calling his opponent “dirty Ed Markey’’

Republican Senate candidate Gabriel E. Gomez is releasing a new television ad that labels his Democratic opponent, Representative Edward J. Markey, “dirty Ed Markey.’’

“Negative ads from dirty Ed Markey, smearing Gabriel Gomez, comparing him to bin Laden,’’ a narrator says in the ad, which shows clips of two of Markey’s ads attacking Gomez. “Now, Markey actually blames Gomez for the Newtown shooting. Disgusting. Thirty-seven years in Congress. Dirty Ed Markey.’’

The ad, which will begin running statewide Wednesday, then urges voters to “try something new…Gabriel Gomez, businessman, Navy pilot, Navy SEAL.’’

Despite what the ad says, Markey has not blamed Gomez for the Newtown shooting. Markey has released an ad that highlights Gomez’s opposition to an assault weapons ban and to limits on high-capacity magazines, “like the ones used in the Newtown school shooting.’’


Markey has also released an online video that shows an image of bin Laden next to an image of Gomez. The Gomez campaign has demanded that Markey take down the video, saying that the juxtaposition is a disgrace since Gomez is a former Navy Seal.

The Markey campaign has pushed back by pointing out that the bin Laden image comes from a video produced by the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, a group that accused President Obama of trying to exploit the killing of bin Laden for political gain. Gomez was a supporter of the group, appearing on MSNBC in August 2012 to defend OPSEC and speaking to Reuters about its activities.

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