Batmobile rolls into town

The Batmobile from the 1960s TV show (which visited the Boston Cup in 2013) was sold at auction last year for a cool $4.6 million. Believe it or not, this model originally cost $15,000 to produce. Tom McDermott of luxury asset lender Borro is not at all surprised by the major uptick in price. Borro offers loans of up to $2 million secured with luxury assets and has loaned against luxury memorabilia in the past, including Steve McQueen’s jacket from “Bullitt.’’ Many Bat-fans who grew up watching the Caped Crusader’s adventures are willing to pay a Bruce Wayne-worthy price to own a piece of history. “It’s a function of nostalgia and a brand that grew so huge over the generations,’’ said McDermott. “First, you’re talking about baby boomers who grew up watching the show. Second, there’s a more disposable income in this generation.’’
–Roger Farrington

Batman’s original wheels — the car that the Caped Crusader drove on the 1960s TV series — made a surprise appearance on Boston Common Wednesday and, as you might imagine, it drew a curious crowd pretty quickly. The Batmobile, which Phoenix businessman Rick Champagne bought recently for $4.6 million, will be back at the Common Sunday, September 22 for the Boston Cup Classic Car Show, a fund-raiser for the Boston Parks & Recreation Department. (The vintage car is on a national charity tour organized by Guardian Angel Motorsports.) Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne couldn’t make it, so car show founder Rich Doucette was in the driver’s seat Wednesday.


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