Senator Elizabeth Warren finds publisher, editor for her new book

WASHINGTON — Senator Elizabeth Warren has found a publisher two months after the Massachusetts Democrat began shopping her book proposal.

Henry Holt and Company, one of the nation’s oldest publishers, announced it had obtained the rights to publish the book, which it characterized as telling both “Senator Warren’s improbable rise from a working class family in Oklahoma to the United States Senate,’’ as well as providing “a rousing call for protecting the middle class.’’

The book will be published in the spring of 2014 and will be edited by John Sterling, who is editor at large for Macmillan, of which Henry Holt and Company is part.


Neither the publisher nor Warren’s office would reveal how much of an advance Warren was paid. A press release from the publisher noted that a portion of Warren’s net proceeds would be donated to OneFund Boston.

The Globe reported in March that Warren was starting to shop the book, which had a working title of “Rigged,’’ which would provide a first-hand account of her battles in Washington to rein in the sorts of predatory lending and Wall Street excess that victimized everyday Americans. The book will include a focus on Warren’s life.

“The book will tell the story of Senator Warren’s improbable rise from a working class family in Oklahoma to the United States Senate, and of the opportunities and access to education that enabled her, as a young wife and mother, to become first a teacher, then a lawyer,’’ the publisher said in a press release. “The main focus of the book, however, will be the conflict America now faces between giant institutions and the needs of everyday citizens.’’

The former Harvard law professor has written nine previous books, including two national bestsellers.

Warren was represented by well-known Washington attorney Robert Barnett, who also negotiated the book deal for former Senator Scott Brown, the Massachusetts Republican defeated by Warren defeated in November’s election, as well as deals for President Obama, former president George W. Bush, and former president Bill Clinton.


Warren will need to file details about the deal with the Senate Ethics Committee.