Temporary drawbridge over Saugus River in Lynn buckles

Traffic is flowing again on the old section of Lynn’s Fox Hill Bridge after a temporary drawbridge over the Saugus River that was not open for use buckled during testing this morning, Massachusetts Department of Transportation spokesman Michael Verseckes said.

This afternoon, crews raised the drawbridge and safely locked it into the upright position, Verseckes said, and opened the old section to traffic.

Department personnel are determining the source of the malfunction, which caused the movable portion of the bridge to shift out of its proper place at around 9:30 a.m., Verseckes said. Though the temporary bridge was never open for use nor used by any motor vehicles to cross the Saugus River.


The agency will conduct a damage assessment and develop a plan to resolve whatever issues caused the malfunction, Verseckes said.

Built to connect Lynn and Saugus with Route 107, the Fox Hill Bridge is undergoing an $11.8 million reconstruction, Verseckes said. No one was injured in the malfunction, he said.

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