New Gomez ad mocks Democratic attack ad

Republican Senate candidate Gabriel E. Gomez is trying to use a dose of humor to deflect Democratic criticism of his positions on health care and taxes.

In a new television ad, Gomez shows images from an attack ad recently launched by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Comittee, a group backing Representative Edward J. Markey, as an announcer declares in a theatrical voice that, “Gabriel Gomez is a very bad man. He kills old people. He hates women. He even leaves the toilet seat up.’’

Then, a calmer-sounding announcer declares, “This is ridiculous. Congressman Markey must think we’re stupid. Markey is everything that’s wrong with Congress, 37 years of pay raises, bounced checks, taking millions from people he regulates. It’s about trust. If you like Congress, Ed Markey is your guy. But if you want an independent thinker try Navy Seal Gabriel Gomez.’’


Gomez’s 30-second ad, titled, “Very Bad Man,’’ attempts to respond to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s ad, which accuses him of supporting tax breaks for the rich and the elimination of insurance coverage of mammograms and cancer screenings.

Those charges are based on Gomez’s opposition to broad-based tax increases and his opposition to President Obama’s health care law, which guarantees insurance coverage for mammograms and other preventive services. Gomez says he believes health care laws should be left to the states.

Justin Barasky, a spokesman for the DSCC said called the Gomez ad “a desperate attempt to distract from the fact that in tonight’s debate he continued his embrace of national Republican policies and proved that he will go to Washington to stand shoulder to shoulder with Mitch McConnell in the GOP’s effort to obstruct President Obama’s agenda.’’

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