Kayem Father’s Day grilling tip: Low heat is a hot dog’s best friend

Forget artisanal sausages and other semiprecious fare. When it comes to paying culinary tribute to the family patriarch on Father’s Day, you can’t go wrong with hot dogs.

Photo taken from Kayem’s website.

So suggests Kayem Foods Inc., a Chelsea-based purveyor of franks, brats, and deli favorites.

As a public service of sorts, Kayem is offering tips for folks who would like to grill up a Father’s Day feast.

One tip: Low heat is a hot dog’s best friend. For a frank to achieve hog-heaven perfection, it needs a patient chef who can wait out a slow burn.

Another piece of advice: For the thoughtful griller, tongs are the trenching tool of choice. Use forks, and hot dog casings get pierced, causing the frank’s natural juiciness to drip out. When it comes to hot dogs, handle with care. And handle with tongs.


Toast everything in sight. Eating a hot dog on an untoasted bun is nearly as uncouth as slashing diagonal cuts on a hot dog before throwing it on the grill. In Kayem’s calendar of culinary crimes, hot dog slashing is an al fresco no-no of the first degree. (Juice leakage, hogmeat vandalism, outdoor grill desecration.) For such an outrage, an uber chef should be required to turn in his toque blanche.

And one final word: Whether grilling, toasting, or both, always make safety a priority.

“Grilling is always fun, but it can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful,’’ Kayem says. “Never leave your grill unattended, keep a spray or squirt bottle of water nearby, and watch out for kids near the grill. When you’re done grilling, make sure your grill has cooled to the touch before closing up shop.’’

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