Health Policy Commission won’t review Partners HealthCare’s acquisition of Cooley Dickinson

The state’s new Health Policy Commission has decided not to launch a cost and market impact review of Partners HealthCare System’s agreement to acquire Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, a move that will allow the parties to close on their merger.

In a statement issued Friday, the commission said conditions imposed on Partners and Cooley Dickinson by the state attorney general’s office “change the nature of the transaction and contributed to the Health Policy Commission’s decision not to conduct a cost and market impact review at this time.’’ One requirement mandated by the AG was that the organizations negotiate separate contracts for five years with the commercial health insurers that reimburse them for service.


The commission said the parties will have to file a material change notice in five years, triggering a possible review then, if they decide to negotiate jointly with payers then.

When the takeover of 140-bed Cooley Dickinson is completed, it will be the first hospital acquisition for Boston-based Partners, the state’s largest hospital and physicians organization, since it absorbed Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and Nantucket Cottage Hospital in 2006. Cooley Dickinson will become part of Partners-owned Massachusetts General Hospital.

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