Police in Ashland fatally shoot a man allegedly armed with shotgun

ASHLAND — Police shot and killed a man on Tuesday morning who they said had refused to surrender and confronted them with a shotgun inside a home on Metropolitan Avenue, according to the Middlesex district attorney’s office.

At about 10:45 a.m. Tuesday, an Ashland police officer tried to arrest Andrew Stigliano, 27, on an outstanding warrant, according to District Attorney Marian Ryan’s office.

“As the officer attempted to arrest him, Stigliano fled into the residence at 13 Metropolitan Ave. and armed himself with a shotgun,’’ Ryan’s office said in a statement. “When officers again attempted to arrest him inside the house, Stigliano confronted the officers with the shotgun and an officer discharged his weapon.’’


Stigliano was pronounced dead at the scene. It was not immediately clear if he resided at the Metropolitan Avenue home.

Ryan’s office said it will investigate the use of deadly force and that the circumstances of the shooting remain under investigation. No further information was available Tuesday.

Michael Zaytsev, 24, knew Stigliano and called him a close and loyal friend.

“Everyone’s got their problems but he was a good guy,’’ Zaytsev said. “He was always available to help me out whether I needed help fixing something at my house or someone to give me a ride.’’

Zaytsev said he heard about the shooting from a friend early Tuesday afternoon, and immediately went to Metropolitan Avenue to find out what had happened.

“It’s just crazy,’’ he said. “I never would have expected this to happen.’’

A Framingham District Court employee, who declined to give her name, said Stigliano “has a lengthy history here’’ and that there are charges pending against him in that court. The court employee in the clerk’s office said Stigliano was charged in 2011 with illegal possession of a firearm, possessing ammunition, and possessing a Class E substance.

Igor Genkin, who lives on Metropolitan Avenue, said he saw two police cruisers at the house between 10 and 11 a.m. Tuesday.


“I saw one policeman putting a young woman in handcuffs into a police car,’’ Genkin said. “There was a second policeman holding a machine gun in his hands.’’

When Genkin returned to his street just before 4 p.m., there were about 10 cruisers there, he said.

Ashland police declined to comment on the incident, including whether a woman was arrested in connection with the shooting.

Corie Whalen, who said she grew up on Metropolitan Avenue, said she drove past the scene with her sister Tuesday afternoon.

“There is an active presence there, probably five cars, and there are police guarding the scene. The house is all taped up with yellow crime scene tape,’’ Whalen said. “They’re not letting anyone onto the street, but they are letting people out of the street via the CVS parking lot.’’

Whalen said the home where the shooting took place was a prefabricated house that “arrived on the street on the back of a truck’’ about eight years ago.

“That house has had reoccurring problems, such as a drug raid in 2011,’’ she said. “Otherwise, it is a very family-oriented street except for that strange house.’’