Colobus monkeys are the latest arrival at Stone Zoo

One of the babies with its parents
One of the babies with its parents –Dayle Sullivan Taylor/Zoo New England

Two Eastern black-and-white colobus monkeys were born at the Stone Zoo in Stoneham last week, marking the first successful birth of the species at the zoo in 25 years. The babies were first exhibited Tuesday for the public.

The Stone Zoo has only recently revived its colobus population. The last group of monkeys maintained at the zoo were exclusively male and old. The recent addition of two young females and a male at the zoo made breeding possible again.

“The births of the colobus monkeys present a wonderful opportunity for visitors to not only learn more about these fascinating animals, but to watch the babies grow up,’’ Zoo New England President John Linehan said today in a statement.


The baby monkeys have not been named and their gender has not been determined, zoo officials said.

Zoo New England, which manages the Stone Zoo, participates in a national program dedicated to the survival of the colobus monkey.

Colobus monkeys are native to the forests of equatorial Africa and live in territorial groups run by a patriarch. They spend most of the day sleeping in trees and exploring.

The newborn monkeys will be on exhibit during normal zoo hours, unless weather prevents it, Linehan said.

“With the newborns in the group, we will probably be more conservative with rain or chilly temperatures,’’ Linehan said.

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