FCC receives complaints about David Ortiz’s profanity

Remember how great we all felt when David Ortiz spoke at Fenway Park after the Boston Marathon bombings? Big Papi gave props, as only he can, to Mayor Tom Menino, Governor Deval Patrick, and the police department, before uttering the line: “This is our [expletive] city.’’ Perhaps anticipating complaints, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, a Brookline native, tweeted afterward: “David Ortiz spoke from the heart at today’s Red Sox game. I stand with Big Papi and the people of Boston.’’ Well, not everyone enjoyed the moment as much as we did. The folks at Deadspin.com filed a Freedom of Information Act request and obtained complaints made by people who heard Papi’s pep talk. Most said they were “appalled,’’ “saddened,’’ or “disappointed’’ by the profanity and by Genachowski’s tweet. “My 9-year-old and I were watching what should have been a historic moment. Instead he and I were treated to this foul language,’’ wrote one person from Charlotte, N.C. “I was more appalled to see that your chairman approved the language.’’


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