A soggy day in Mass. as fog gives way to showers, thunderstorms

The air will remain wet throughout the state today, as morning fog burns off, ushering in scattered showers and thunderstorms around Massachusetts. Temperatures will climb into the low 80s around the state, with precipitation expected past midnight in much of the state, according to the National Weather Service.

“It’s going to rain pretty hard in places; there could be some localized flooding,’’ said meteorologist Bill Simpson.

A flash flood watch is in effect until this evening for Western Massachusetts, with up to 3 inches of rain possible in Berkshire County. Precipitation in recent days has saturated the soil almost completely, making flash floods more likely, according to the weather service.


Showers and thunderstorms will develop this afternoon in the west, and track east in the evening, with heavy rain expected in the Boston area this evening. Precipitation will lessen after midnight, but won’t disappear altogether, Simpson said.

Thursday will see patches of fog on the coast in the morning, with showers and thunderstorms developing in much of the state in the afternoon. Temperatures will remain in the low 80s on Thursday and Friday. Two inches of rain is possible in the west on Thursday, with dew points remaining in the mid-60s, according to the weather service. Friday will see temperatures dip into the mid-70s, with scattered showers and thunderstorms again impacting most of the state.

Some rain is possible for the weekend, although chances of precipitation statewide will diminish into Saturday. Temperatures should become seasonably warm on Saturday and Sunday, cresting in the low 80s, the weather service said.

“Certainly there is a better chance of periods of sun for the weekend,’’ Simpson said. “It could be pretty nice.’’

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