Taste test: well vs. reservoir water

When does one town’s water taste different in different parts of town? When the water comes from two very different sources. The Lynnfield Center Water District gets its water from local wells; the Lynnfield Water District, from the MWRA, which pumps in water from Quabbin Reservoir in central Mass. Many people in town agree the two waters taste different.

Can people actually tell the difference? Does one water taste better than the other?

Only one way to find out — a blind taste test.

The Boston Globe, using water from both sources, set up a taste station at Center Court Pizzeria and Grill in Lynnfield. We recruited tasters as they wandered in for a lunchtime slice of pizza.


Yes, tasters, concluded, there was a definite difference. And the winner was …

Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out. Mobile users unable to see the video, click here.

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