Aerosmith’s videographer touts new concert film

Joe Perry, left, and Steven Tyler in a scene from “Rock for the Rising Sun.’’ (Handout)
Joe Perry, left, and Steven Tyler in a scene from “Rock for the Rising Sun.’’ (Handout)

Someday, Casey Patrick Tebo would like the world to see the movie he made of Aerosmith’s 2010 concert at Fenway Park.

“It’s a 10-camera show in HD. I really think fans will want to see Steven [
] playing ‘Dream On’ on the Green Monster,’’ says Tebo, a New Bedford native who’s the band’s official videographer. “But it’s just sitting in my office. [Aerosmith’s] management is such a conglomerate, it’s hard to do anything.’’

That’s not exactly true. A year after the Bad Boys From Boston played at the ballpark, they traveled to Japan for a series of shows, and Tebo was invited to bring along a camera to record whatever craziness might ensue. Just eight months before, a devastating earthquake caused the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant, so no one knew what to expect.


Always wild for Aerosmith, Japanese fans showed the band some extra sweet emotion, and it’s all captured on “Rock for the Rising Sun,’’ a concert DVD that hit stores this week and is available as a digital download. The film includes 18 songs, including “Love in an Elevator,’’ “Livin’ on the Edge,’’ “Walk This Way,’’ and a lot of candid backstage stuff with the band and its fans.

“It was an interesting time for the band. It was right after ‘American Idol’ and there’d been talk the band had looked for a new lead singer and all of that,’’ said Tebo. “But everybody was getting along and the vibe was really good.’’

Tyler and Toxic Twin Joe Perry hadn’t paid much attention while the cameras were rolling, and as a result didn’t know what to expect when Tebo showed up in Los Angeles to screen a rough cut of the film.

“They really had no idea what I was gonna show them. It could have been a soap commercial for all they knew,’’ said Tebo, who lives in Bridgewater. “But Joe Perry, who’s the quietest, most reserved guy, got up afterward and hugged me. He thought it was amazing. I knew right then that nothing was gonna get in the way of getting this out.’’


Don’t want to watch it on your TV? You don’t have to. “Rock for the Rising Sun,’’ which clocks in at 1 hour and 30 minutes, will have a limited theatrical release in October.

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