A fishy mystery in Nantucket: Dead shark is dumped at door of pub

A dead shark was found lying in front of the Sea Dog Brew Pub in Nantucket this morning and removed by the Department of Public Works.

A fishy mystery (Jimmy Agnew)

“It’s not too often we find sharks on land like that,’’ said John Braginton-Smith, a foreman for the department.

The shark was between 5 and 6 feet long and weighed around 150 pounds, said Stephen Seward, who discovered the shark at about 6:30 a.m. The pub is roughly 300 yards from water, Seward said.

“Two guys would have to carry it,’’ Seward said.

A photo released by pub manager Jimmy Agnew showed the shark sprawled across the front door of the pub.


Public works officials sent a frontloader around 7 a.m. to remove the shark. The remains will be mixed in with topsoil, Braginton-Smith said.

It wasn’t clear who caught the shark or dropped it at the restaurant, but Nantucket police are looking into it, said Agnew. Agnew said two people were escorted out of the bar in separate incidents Wednesday night, but he wasn’t sure if either of those incidents was connected to the shark.

Braginton-Smith had his own idea of what could have happened.

“In summertime, someone can get one too many beers in them and think that’s amusing,’’ he said.

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