Poll shows Gomez bolstering GOP ticket

CORRECTION: A Monday post incorrectly referred to the poll commissioned by Representative Daniel B. Winslow as a Suffolk University survey. David Paleologos, who is director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, conducted the survey through his private firm.

If Republican Charles D. Baker gets into the gubernatorial race, as many think he will, he may want to take a strong look at teaming up with former GOP Senate candidate Gabriel E. Gomez as his running mate, according to a statewide poll conducted for a Republican lawmaker.

The survey of 500 registered voters taken several weeks ago, shows that Baker runs stronger with Gomez than with lesser-known GOP figures. Still, Attorney General Martha Coakley, among the most popular political figures in the state, enjoys a doubl-digit lead when she is matched against Baker, even with Gomez on the GOP ticket.


For example, she leads a Baker/Gomez ticket, 50 to 39 percent. Baker’s numbers drop to the low 30s when he is matched with two other GOP figures, Karyn E. Polito and Mary Z. Connaughton, in a run against the attorney general.

A Baker/Gomez ticket runs ahead of Democratic Treasurer Steve Grossman, the current front-runner for the Democratic nomination, 41 to 38 percent. Grossman leads a Baker/Connaughton ticket by five points and a Baker/Polito team by seven points.

Still, Gomez’s standing with voters does not appear to be that strong. His favorable/unfavorable rating is a weak 35/35 percent.

The poll was paid for by state Representative Dan Winslow, who lost to Gomez in the special US Senate Republican primary in April. The poll carries an error margin of about 4.4 percent.

Winslow, a former District Court judge who served as chief legal counsel for Governor Romney, said he commissioned the survey because he would be interested in running for attorney general if Coakley, who has re-emerged as a serious political figure after her disastrous US senatorial campaign in 2010, runs for governor.

Baker, the 2010 GOP gubernatorial nominee whom Governor Deval Patrick beat to win a second term, is telling party leaders he will make up his mind about another run by Labor Day. He is consulting with an out-of-state Republican operative to lay out the a plan for a campaign. If he and his wife, Lauren, are convinced it is viable, he will almost certainly make the run, GOP sources claim.


Former US Senator Scott Brown’s mention last week that he has not ruled out a gubernatorial run was greeted with a good deal of skepticism in GOP circles. Several top Republican leaders who have talked with Brown, who is as popular as Coakley, according to the Winslow poll, are convinced he will not run in 2014.

Coakley, who is getting strong encouragement from women leaders in the Democratic Party in both Boston and Washington, will make her decision about a run for governor in September, a source familiar with her plans said.

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