Local directors are festival bound

A still from Arthur Luhn's local film "The House Across the Street."

Some local movie news: Arthur Luhn’s indie horror-thriller, “The House Across the Street,’’ which was filmed in Southeastern Mass. last year and features Eric Roberts, Alex Rocco, Ethan Embry, and Jessica Sonneborn (seen above in a spooky still), has been accepted into the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, which begins in October. . . . Locally bred actor-director-writer Tom O’Brien’s film “Fairhaven,’’ an indie about characters dealing with their angsty adult lives in the same area of the state (Fairhaven to be specific), was just released on DVD. O’Brien stars in the movie (which played at the Tribeca Film Festival) with his longtime pal Chris Messina, of “The Mindy Project.’’ O’Brien tells us that he’s sent his most recent film, “Manhattan Romance,’’ to festivals. It features Katherine Waterston (Sam Waterston’s daughter), who’s in Joaquin Phoenix’s next Paul Thomas Anderson movie, “Inherent Vice.’’

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