Coast Guard rescue two men whose sailboat capsized in Salem Sound

Two men were rescued in Salem Sound in the vicinity of Baker’s Island early Saturday morning after spending more than 13 hours adrift on an overturned sailboat.

They were found drifting on their capsized 25-foot sailboat, called “Ark Angel,’’ 1.5 miles southeast of Baker’s Island.

Matt Ohrin, operations controller at the Coast Guard’s Sector Boston Command Center, said the rescued men were aboard a trimaran— a sailboat with three hulls— Friday afternoon when a gust of wind capsized the vessel. The men rigged a 10-foot plank that came off the boat over two hulls, which allowed them to sit just above the waves.


“They were with the lower part of their body constantly getting wet,’’ said Ohrin. Overnight, the water temperature was in the high 50s and the air temperature in the low 50s, he said.

The men could not reach the emergency signal devices that were inside the boat. Ohrin said they had one life jacket between them, and used it to try to wave down other boats, until they lost it overnight.

At 7:20 a.m. the Coast Guard received a call from crew of a passing fishing boat, “Fishy Business,’’ reporting what the crew said appeared to be a crashed airplane. But as Fishy Business approached, the crew called again to report that it was an overturned sailboat.

The men where brought ashore and transported to Salem Hospital, said Ohrin. They were evaluated and released.

The capsized boat is still in the water, according to Ohrin. Because it has no engine or fuel, he said, it is not an environmental hazard. The owners plan to salvage the boat tomorrow, he said.

The Coast Guard has broadcasted warnings to boaters that the trimaran is in the water, he said.

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