Mayor Menino expresses confidence in security plan for World Series at Fenway Park

LOWELL – Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said today that law enforcement is moving forward with a security plan for the World Series, one that will build on the success of the recently completed American League Championship Series.

“I was at the game the other night, and we had a lot of security out there, and it worked out real well,’’ the mayor said during a speaking engagement at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. “They made some real good decisions, the police department, that night, and I hope the same conditions are in place for the World Series.’’

He said he wasn’t concerned about safety issues. The World Series is taking place about six months after three people were murdered and more than 260 were wounded when two bombs were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.


“I’m not worried about it all,’’ he said of World Series security. “We’ll have a plan in place that will work, and we’ll reassure people that it’s safe to go to the ballgame.’’

Menino seemed a bit exasperated by the mayor of St. Louis, who has declined to make the traditional World Series inter-city wager among politicians.

“The mayor of St. Louis won’t make any bets,’’ Menino said, rolling his eyes. “ ‘He said, ‘It takes too much of his staff’s time.’ ’’

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