Providence strip club closed by city after officials discover 15-year-old girl from Boston area working as dancer

Cheaters Gentlemens Club in Providence was shut down today after a underage girl from the Boston area was found dancing at the strip club, and incidences of prostitution were discovered, officials in the Rhode Island city said.

The Allens Avenue strip club had its liquor and adult entertainment licenses suspended today and will have to remain closed for 45 days, said Andrew Annaldo, chairman of the Providence’s board of licenses.

Cheaters also faces the maximum fine of $5,000, Annaldo said.

Over the summer, it was discovered that the club had hired a 15-year-old girl as a dancer, officials said. There had also been one or two instances of prostitution, unrelated to the teenage employee, Annaldo said.


“We thought we put a strong message out to check IDs and make sure dancers are of age,’’ said Annaldo. “And prostitution will not be tolerated.’’

Cheaters does have the right to appeal the suspension, Annaldo said.

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