Mayor Menino and Boston police outline security plans for World Series

Mayor Thomas M. Menino today asked baseball fans to be on their best behavior as the Red Sox seek to again win the World Series, which begins Wednesday at Fenway Park.

At a press conference at City Hall, Menino asked fans to be responsible, rather than destructive, and the Boston Police Department and other officials outlined their plans for the series.

“Don’t drink and drive,’’ Menino warned. “Let’s show the nation why we’re a first-class city.’’

Transit officials warned that there could be road closures if crowds of fans grow too large; they urged the public to take public transportation. After the seventh inning in a deciding game, parking lots around Fenway will close.


The police department will have an “enhanced’’ presence during the series, with hundreds of police officers out during the games.

“We’re going to maintain a significant presence around Fenway Park,’’ said Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Daniel Linskey.

Linskey said he expected about 500 officers will be working on Wednesday and Thursday nights, for the first two games of the World Series. That’s about the same number of officers working on Saturday, when the Red Sox clinched the American League pennant.

Linskey asked fans to not wear backpacks around Fenway. There’s no rule prohibiting it, but officers will be looking closely at people wearing them.

“If you want to make the chief of police happy, please leave your backpack at home,’’ Linskey said, asking fans to carry their wallets and cellphones in their pockets.

Police officers are allowed to stop people and search people if they suspect something is suspicious.

If the World Series comes back to Boston for games six and seven, there will be thousands of officers working the night of a series-clinching game. Historically, the Boston Police Department has called on outside police agencies, including the State Police, to help with crowd control.

Linskey said the police will also rely on social media to steer fans away from the Fenway area in case of a big win.


On Saturday night, police sent tweets to fans, asking them not to head to Fenway after the Red Sox beat the Tigers. Linskey said that fans listened.

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