Urban geyser: Water main break sends column of water into the air

Not something you see every day -- an urban geyser
Not something you see every day -- an urban geyser –Nicole Cammorata

Call it an urban geyser. A water main break at a construction site sent a column of water spewing more than 60 feet into the air this afternoon in the Fort Point Channel area, officials said.

The break happened at about 3:12 p.m. at A and Congress streets. Firefighters left the scene by by 4:40 p.m., said Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald.

A contractor working in the street hit and punctured the main. There were no injuries, MacDonald said.

Photos of the break showed it shooting up into the air as if it were Old Faithful at Yellowstone.

Basins on the street caught most of the flowing water, sparing building basements from major flooding, MacDonald said.


Firefighters and the Boston Water and Sewer Commission were on scene to work on the break, MacDonald said. Boston police directed traffic, police said.

TV news helicopter footage shortly before 4:30 p.m. showed public safety workers standing around a dry hole.

A reader captured a video of the impressive geyser and tweeted it.

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