Red Sox will win Series — her green pepper says so

The portentous pepper
The portentous pepper –Ashley Griffeth

The baseball gods sent a portent of Red Sox victory to Cambridge Tuesday, but instead of in red, the message came in green — pepper, that is.

Ashley Griffeth, an intern at Buckingham, Browne and Nichols School, was making a taco at lunch, and scooped up a pepper in the shape of the Red Sox “B’’ logo.

“I put my spoon in and that was the first thing that came out,’’ said Griffeth.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ and turned to show the person behind me,’’ said Griffeth, 27. The sign from above stirred quite a commotion in the cafeteria. Everyone came up to take a glance at Griffeth’s taco, she said.


“Everyone thought it was a sign,’’ she said. “Bostonians would think that’s cool.’’

Griffeth, now a Somerville resident, grew up in the Bay State and was a student at Northeastern University when the Sox beat the Yankees to head to the World Series in 2004. She thinks the team will pull through with a victory tonight in Game Six.

“My taco told me so,’’ said Griffeth.

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