Grandson in ‘Bad Grandpa’ is Jackson Nicoll of Seabrook, N.H.

This photo released by Paramount Pictures shows Jackson Nicoll, left, as Billy and Johnny Knoxville, as Irving Zisman in "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa," from Paramount Pictures and MTV Films. (AP Photo/Paramount Pictures, Sean Cliver) –AP

Johnny Knoxville’s latest lowbrow comedy, “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,’’ has made more than
$63 million at the box office
domestically since its Oct. 25 release. No word on how Knoxville celebrated raking in another $20 million this past weekend, but we know that his costar, Seabrook, N.H., 9-year-old Jackson Nicoll, spent his Sunday morning at church. The fourth-grader called us for a brief interview after arriving back home that day. He told us that it’s been a whirlwind of a promotional tour, and that he’s been to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and even Germany for the film. “John is like my best friend,’’ Nicoll said of Knoxville, who’s been with him on the red carpet during all of these trips. “A lot of people think he’s really dumb, but he’s really brilliant.’’ Nicoll, whose film resume includes “The Fighter’’ (he played Little Dicky) and “Fun Size,’’ said he believes he won the role in “Bad Grandpa’’ because other child actors weren’t as comfortable with improv and causing mayhem. That’s basically the whole film — a grandfather making a mess of things as he takes his grandkid on a roadtrip to be with his father. “Some kids freeze up when they prank adults,’’ Nicoll explained, adding that his audition involved wetting his pants in public. Nicoll says most of his friends haven’t seen the film because it’s rated R for language, nudity, and drug use. He’s told the ones who’ve been given special dispensation to see his performance to “bring a blindfold.’’


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