Sandwich boy turns bag with $1,300 in cash over to police; rewarded with $100 and bags of candy

A 13-year-old Sandwich boy found a bag on the street containing nearly $1,300 in cash on Halloween, and turned it in to police.

Jack Sheehan had been walking his dog. He wasn’t sure at first if the money was fake, part of a Halloween costume left behind, he said.

“I felt like it was the right thing to do,’’ said Sheehan. “I’m happy they got the money they lost. A lot of people I know would have been on the fence of what to do.’’

The letters “MCS’’ typed on deposit slips in the bag helped police to determine that the money belonged to the Mashpee Country Store, a convenience store in a neighboring town.


Mohammad Ahmad had left the store that he and his brother own to deposit the money, his brother, Mohammad Rafiq, said.

Ahmad put the money into a bag, placed it on the roof of his car, and drove off, Rafiq said.

“It fell on the way somewhere,’’ Rafiq said. “We were looking for it here and there.’’

Ahmad and Rafiq were relieved when the money was returned by Sheehan.

“The kid was really good,’’ said Rafiq. “It is not usual that this kind of thing happens.’’

The store’s employees verbally thanked Sheehan Sunday. They also gave him $100 and a few bags of candy as a reward, Rafiq said.

“Its nice to have a feel-good story,’’ said Christa Cabral, the Sandwich school resource officer. “Especially when it’s a kid doing the right thing.’’

Cabral hopes the good deed will set an example for other Sandwich students.

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