‘Glee’ and ‘American Horror Story’ co-creator Brad Falchuk appears at his brother’s Auburndale campaign event

Newton native and co-creator of "Glee" and "American Horror Story" Brad Falchuk, poses for a picture with Rhys Banfield, 11, of Framingham at Woodland Golf Club in Auburndale. (Jessica Rinaldi For The Boston Globe)

“Glee’’ and “American Horror Story’’ co-creator Brad Falchuk, a Newton native, was at the Woodland Golf Club in Auburndale on Sunday to support his brother Evan Falchuk, who’s running for governor as an independent candidate. Brad took questions from fans during the campaign event and then chatted with us about his own favorite shows (he likes “Breaking Bad,’’ “The Wire,’’ and “Eastbound & Down,’’), and about how his brother’s third-party campaign reminds him of his quest to get “Glee’’ on the air when execs said people wouldn’t watch a musical on television. This was Brad’s first big campaign push for Evan. He’s been in town recently, but that was for the Red Sox. The brothers share season tickets.


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