Martha Coakley sketches plans to improve education system if she is elected governor

Attorney General Martha Coakley sketched out plans Thursday for how she would improve the state’s education system if she were elected governor next year, including lengthening the academic day and calendar.

At a South End school, Coakley said she wanted increased access to pre-kindergarten and to bolster underperforming school districts with “wrap-around services’’ that help children beyond sheer education.

Asked whether she could estimate the cost of her proposals or offer a way to pay for them, Coakley dodged the first question and said the programs could be funded by “shifting resources’’ from other state accounts.

“I think there are probably some things in this state that we pay for that may not be as important as this,’’ she said.


Before talking with reporters, Coakley read to and then received hugs from schoolchildren.

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