Two Franklin children, found at home not breathing, rushed to hospital

FRANKLIN — Two children were rushed to local hospitals Sunday night after they were found not breathing in their Chestnut Street home, according to police.

A neighbor who comforted the children’s three older siblings said the two accidentally locked themselves inside a trunk suitcase while playing and were taken to hospitals in Milford and Norwood.

Both children — a boy and a girl — are under 10 years old, said Franklin Police Chief Stephan H. Semerjian.

He could not say specifically what happened, if any adults were home at the time, or if the children were still alive late Sunday night.

“We’re still trying to piece together the facts,’’ he said. “I do know that the call came from the family, from the house.’’


The call for help was placed about 8 p.m., Semerjian said.

Mary Delfino, who lives across the street from where the incident happened, said by phone that the two children were the youngest of five.

Delfino said her nephew herded the three other children into her home after ambulances and police cruisers pulled up outside. They stayed with her for an hour while the authorities investigated, she said, adding that the oldest is a girl who is a junior in high school.

The children, who were sobbing and distraught, told Delfino that their youngest siblings got trapped in a trunk while playing, she said. “They were in bad shape,’’ she said. “They were crying and really sad.’’

Delfino said she knew the family only on an acquaintance basis. “It’s a nice family; they’re very nice people,’’ she said. “The children are very well mannered, very well behaved.’’

The scene on Chestnut Street remained active late Sunday night, as two Franklin police cruisers and one unmarked car sat in front of the raised ranch home where the children were found.

A police officer directed traffic along the street just after 11 p.m., as a police truck backed up to the home’s front door. It left about five minutes later.

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