Zoo benefit gets people talking about mating rituals

"The most important thing that zoos can do is to make people aware of the splendor, the wonder, and the sheer magnificence of biodiversity. We're just one little speck on the planet, " said Zoo New England board member Dr. Rory Browne of Boston College, left, with Zoo New England President and CEO John Linehan. (Laurie Swope for The Boston Globe)

Zoo New England board member Rory Browne (left), of Boston College, and Zoo New England president and CEO John Linehan watched people mingle at the zoo’s Cocktails and Love Tales benefit at the House of Blues last week. Guests enjoyed drinks and hors d’oeuvres and learned about the mating rituals of animals. It apparently got graphic. Jennifer Moretti, who attended there with friends, joked, “What I learned tonight is not printable.’’ Dave Caron, of Jamaica Plain, explained, “All we learned about sexuality as a teen doesn’t compare to what we learned tonight.’’


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