Study: Massachusetts is the 9th least federally dependent state in US

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Massachusetts ranks 9th on a list of the least federally-dependent states in the country, according to an analysis by personal finance website

Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana and Maine rank as the five most federally dependent states, while Delaware, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey and Connecticut are the five least federally-depedent states, the study found.

Researchers said the analysis also found that on average Democrat-leaning “blue’’ states are less dependent on the federal government than Republican-leaning “red’’ states.

Conversely, another recent WalletHub analysis found that Democrat-leaning “blue’’ states tend to impose higher state and local tax rates than Republican-leaning “red’’ states.


For the federal dependence analysis, the site said it used three metrics to compile the rankings: return on taxes paid to the federal government; federal funding as a percentage of state revenue; and the number of federal employees per capita.

Massachusetts had the 13th lowest return on federal income tax; the 17th highest independent state revenue and the 19th fewest federal employees per capita, the study said.

For the state and local tax rate rankings, the site said it used: real estate tax; state income tax Income; local income tax; vehicle property tax; vehicle sales tax; sales and use tax; fuel tax; alcohol tax; food tax; and telecom tax.

Massachusetts ranked 21st on the list of states with the lowest average state and local tax bill, at $6,884, which was 1 percent below the national average, according to the study. When adjusted based on the cost of living index, Massachusetts ranked 35th.


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