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'Breaking Bad' gets record 10.3 million viewers

'Breaking Bad' gets record 10.3 million viewers

The series finale of AMC's "Breaking Bad" nabbed a record 10.3 million viewers, three times the audience of the midseason finale last year.
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Do you overpour wine?

Do you overpour wine?

A new study found that many people overpour wine based on certain biases, like the shape of the glass. This may lead them to under count how many drinks they’ve had.

GOP files ethics complaint against
Sen. Warren's chief of staff

The Mass. GOP is pointing to an email from Mindy Myers, Warren's chief of staff, that had a campaign fundraising appeal despite campaign activity being banned during official Senate duty. (2:29 p.m.)

Local religious leaders organize
against Suffolk Downs casino plan

Clergy members from multiple faiths have formed a group opposing a casino at Suffolk Downs, and will pray, preach, and canvass to defeat the project. (2:14 p.m.)

Police: 100-mph speeder made a video

Norwood police said the man was shooting video of his speedometer while driving more than 100 miles per hour on Route 1. (11:14 a.m.)

Marijuana Web services, concerns grow

Internet companies are offering to match patients in Mass. with doctors to certify their need for medical marijuana, dismaying regulators regarding safety.

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New 7-inch Kindle vs. Apple's iPad Mini vs. Google's Nexus 7

New 7-inch Kindle vs. Apple's
iPad Mini vs. Google's Nexus 7

Amazon is the latest company to unveil new tablets, including a new 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX and an updated HD model. Here’s how they compare with similarly-sized tablets.
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These Bostonians have a certain spark that transforms mere good taste into bona fide style.
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Cartoon caption contest

Cartoon caption contest

Check out this week's winning caption, which brings Al Gore to a snowy North End.
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