From subzero temps to snow to rain: The most New England weather ever

Remember Valentine’s Day 2016?

Get your snow shovels and umbrellas and, um, sunglasses ready. The next few days will bring wildly unpredictable weather to New England.

Winter felt like it finally arrived with Friday’s bitterly cold temperatures, but (luckily) the subzero weather won’t stick around too long. On Saturday, the region will get several inches of snow.

But wait, don’t break out those sleds yet. Just a day later, on Sunday, we’re in for a rainy, mild day in the lower 50s. Oh, and then another 30-degree temperature drop within 24 hours.

New England is no stranger to extreme swings in temperatures. Bostonians saw the coldest Valentine’s Day since 1979 this year, with temperatures rising to above seasonal averages days later. We also got snow on the first day of spring.


Mark Twain once said, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.” National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Simpson said can be a case in point at times for describing the rapid changes in the region’s weather.

“Those fluctuations are not that unusual,” he said of the temperature swings Boston will see in the coming days.

Simpson said a cold air mass from Canada moving down through the region combined with warmer air arriving from the southwest is responsible for dropping four to six inches of snow in Boston on Friday night through Saturday.

The snow is expected to change to rain as the warmer air wins out, but Simpson warned residents in the region could see a rapid refreeze going into Monday.

“That’s definitely a concern,” he said, cautioning drivers and pedestrians to look out for ice as Sunday’s mild temperatures begin to drop.

After that, he said, it looks like Boston will go through a warmer period again. Because otherwise things would start to feel too predictable.

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