It’s officially 90 degrees in Boston

Boston-07/26/2016- Boston Common looks like a desert as the heat wave takes a toll on the once green grass on the Boston Common, in which most of the grass there is parched. Boston Globe staff photo by John Tlumacki(metro)
A woman uses an umbrella to protect herself from the sun in the Boston Common, during a heat wave in 2016. –John Tlumacki / Boston Globe

After a few cold and rainy weeks, it looks like summer is finally arriving in Boston.

Temperatures hit 90 degrees in Boston and Hartford, Conn. for the first time this year on Wednesday afternoon, according to National Weather Service Boston. This heat wave comes earlier than usual: On average, temps in the two cities don’t reach 90 degrees until at least the end of May.

According to the National Weather Service, Thursday will be even hotter, with temps in Boston at a high of 92 degrees. Friday’s temperatures are expected to drop to the low-80s, with cooler weather on the forecast this weekend.

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