After a frigid few days, temperatures will reach the 50s early next week. Here’s why.

Forecasters say the beginning of next week is going to feel quite different.

South Station
A pedestrian crosses Essex Street outside South Station. –Craig F. Walker / The Boston Globe

An unusually warm couple of days are on the horizon. 

From Friday to Tuesday, each day will be about 5 to 7 degrees warmer than the last, according to National Weather Service forecasters in Norton. High temperatures will reach the 50s on Monday and Tuesday.

Meteorologist Bill Simpson said a freezing low Monday morning could turn into a high of 53 degrees, carrying into Tuesday until weather returns to “near normal” Wednesday with a high in the low 40s.

The heavy fluctuation in temperature is the result of an amplified jet stream switching direction to pull in warmer air, Simpson said.

“When you have a very cold air mass dipping down, on the backside it’s usually a return southwest flow,” he said. “It’s usually pretty warm.”


Simpson said he sees this weather pattern in Boston about every three years, but the temperatures aren’t record-breaking.

NWS Boston tweeted that the highs will be “well above normal.”


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