Storm Photos Prove Earth Remains Terrifying, Amazing

If you’ve lived on Earth for any reasonable amount of time, you’re well aware that this planet of ours is basically a giant death trap. Here’s more proof of that.

A group of stormchasers was in Wyoming this past weekend and decided to engage in a photoshoot with a group of clouds that appears to be both extremely photogenic and extraordinarily angry. The Washington Post reported that a group called the Capital Weather Gang is responsible for the pictures and video of this supercell storm, taken during a “two-week storm chasing vacation.’’

Based on the video, this storm never really materialized into anything dangerous, but that doesn’t change the fact that it would send most people running for the hills. Things like this are clearly Mother Nature’s way of saying, “it might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but this swirl of clouds, hail, and terror is coming and it’s coming soon.’’


Add ominous storm threats to bee attacks, evil cats, and everything in the ocean being able to kill you without a second thought and you’re basically left with two safe places on this planet: hiding under the covers or in a heavily fortified underground dwelling.

Don’t get us wrong, these photos are really impressive and kudos to the crazy people who took them (and also apparently came up with the oxymoronic phrase “storm chasing vacation’’), but if they need any of us sane folk, we’ll be in the bunker.

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