Seattle Man Struck By Lightning, Has Video to Prove It

When I was growing up, there were really only two things I had to know about lightning storm safety: stay out of the water, and avoid trees and other tall objects because those are the places lightning tends to strike.

Well, it sounds like we might want to add “put your cell phone away’’ to the list.

Seattle’s KOMO News reported that Robb Montejano was walking in the city’s Green Lake Park on August 2 when he saw lightning overhead. And with lightning being a pretty visually impressive act of nature, Montejano thought it would be cool to capture some video of the storm.


Bad idea, Robb.

Fewer than 30 seconds after he starting filming, he got his lightning. In the video embedded below, watch carefully at about the 27-second mark for what appears to be a technical glitch followed by a resounding boom and, presumably, Montejano realizing he might want to go ahead and put down the tiny conductor in his hand (warning: the video contains some strong language):

In an even more unusual turn of events, Montejano was totally fine afterward.

According to the KOMO report, firefighters responded to the scene to find Montejano simply shaken up, rather than dead. The report added that Montejano said he “felt this surge of electricity go ‘boom’ through my body,’’ which he described as “amazing.’’

That’s a pretty good attitude for going through something that kills 73 people in the United States each year, according to the US National Weather Service. But hey, if you can get away from a lightning strike without any consequences, that’s a pretty cool story and plenty of reason to be happy.

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