Space Saver Beer Summit: And They Shoveled Happily Ever After

Josh Swett and Emily Ackerman meet. And all is forgiven.
Josh Swett and Emily Ackerman meet. And all is forgiven. –

By now you probably know the first part of the story.

Josh Swett shoveled out a parking spot in front of his Jamaica Plain residence. He placed a bookcase in the space to save it. When he arrived home from work, the bookcase was missing, and a car with New York plates had snagged the spot.

Swett exacted the type of revenge only comprehensible to anyone who has endured the apocalyptic landscape known as Boston: he shoveled all the snow right back into the spot, burying the Monte Carlo (with New York plates). Swett then published a post on Craiglist boasting of his act of space-saver vigilantism.


Emily Ackerman, a recent transplant from upstate New York, was the space thief. She claimed there was no space saver present when she came upon the empty parking spot.

On Wednesday night, hosted Ackerman and Swett at a beer summit at the Galway House in Jamaica Plain, just blocks from the scene of the crime.

All’s well that ends well.

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