It’s the First Day of Spring, Whether You Feel It or Not

Break out the beach chairs and SPF 75.

Because the sun is crossing the celestial equator or whatever, today is technically, astronomically speaking, the first day of spring.

We made it, you guys.

(Okay—we Bostonians know that spring doesn’t actually begin until Marathon Monday, but with the year we’ve been having, we’ll take our change of seasons at any earlier date, thankyouverymuch).

It’s too early to indulge in many of the warm-(or even lukewarm-)weather activities we’ve been dreaming of lately, but there are plenty of other options. Can’t go swimming because the lake’s still frozen over? Why don’t you pass the time trying to come up with a name for all that gross trash that was under the rapidly-melting snow piles. Or, maybe join our city’s brave, determined “hokeys’’ in helping to clean it up.

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