Boston has first fall freeze, earliest in 36 years

This morning heralded the earliest frost in Boston since Oct. 10, 1979.

Were your pumpkins frosty today?
Were your pumpkins frosty today? –Flickr / Carol Munro

If you felt like it was freezing in Boston this morning, you were right.

Temperatures dipped to 31 degrees, marking the first time Boston has seen a freeze this early in 36 years, according to the National Weather Service.

It was the earliest freeze in Boston since Oct. 10, 1979, when Boston saw a low of 30 degrees, said Bill Simpson, a spokesperson for the National Weather Service in Boston.

“On average, it’s seven to 10 days earlier than normal,’’ Simpson said.

We did not, however, beat any records for this date. The record low for Boston on Oct. 19 was 28 degrees, set back in 1922, said Simpson.


So does this mean we are in for an unusually cold winter? Nope, said Simpson.

“You cannot infer from this what the winter is going to be,’’ Simpson said. “There’s absolutely no correlation.’’

Severe local weather through the years:

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