Boston broke its Dec. 24 high-temperature record

The previous high temperature for Dec. 24 was 61 degrees, set back in 1996.

A tropical-looking Santa sits on a Hanson lawn this week.
A tropical-looking Santa sits on a Hanson lawn this week. –John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

Did someone ask Santa for warm temperatures this holiday season?

If so, the big guy didn’t disappoint.

Boston shattered its record high temperature when the the National Weather Service announced it recorded a balmy 66 degrees at Logan airport on December 24. The previous Christmas Eve high of 61 degrees was set in 1996.

Temperatures steadily climbed across New England all morning Thursday. In Norwood alone, the temperature jumped 12 degrees in an hour, said Bill Simpson of the National Weather Service. He called these late-December temperatures “relatively unusual,’’ adding, “we’re enjoying this weather a lot.’’

It was a record-breaking day within a record-breaking month when it comes to warm temps. Meterologists are poised to declare this the warmest December in recent recorded history, said Simpson.


“We have broken a record for the month for days above 50 degrees,’’ Simpson said.

December 2015 is poised to become the warmest December in 62 years and this is the warmest Christmas Eve of the 21st century, according to the National Weather Service.

Boston in December has seen 17 days with temperatures above 50 degrees, said Simpson. The previous record was 16 days, set back in 1953.

And Christmas Day will likely top above 50 degrees, though it won’t break any records for Dec. 25, Simpson said. The record high temperature for Dec. 25 is 65 degrees, set back in 1889.

“Probably, we’re looking at around 60 for tomorrow,’’ he said.

But don’t unpack the shorts and flip flops just yet. In true New England fashion, the temperatures will be much different next week when our weather starts to “go back to normal temperatures.’’

“Winter weather looks possible next week,’’ Simpson said.

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